Boot Tuck your Boot Cut!

We all have that one pair of jeans, you know the ones, that the second you slip them on you feel instantly slimmer, and like you have the buns of a swimwear model. Mainstream says the skinny jean gives this effect but to be honest the skinny jean makes me feel anything but skinny. I’m more of a boot cut girl myself.

Boot cut jeans are great for a variety of reasons: they balance out a top heavy figure, elongate legs, and of course cover a pair of well worn boots for a nightly practice session. The problem with a closet full of boot cut jeans lies in the fact that they are hard to maneuver under a pair of tall tops or the expensive Uggs that you just HAD to have. Coming un-tucked, moving around, growing their own muffin top are common occurrences if you haven’t mastered the boot tuck.

Here’s my “secret” boot tuck secret step-by-step.

What you need:

  • 1 great pair of boot cut jeans (I prefer the Betty)
  • 1 pair of amazing tall tops (I like Corral’s Sequin Skulls Boots)

Step 1: Turn the bottoms of the jeans inside out, folding until they hit slightly above your ankle bone. 


Step 2: Pinching the inside seam together, fold, pulling the jeans snug against your calf. I like to put the inside seam on my shin rather than the back of my calf but either way works. 

Step 3: While holding your fold snug pull your boot on.

Step 4: Admire your handiwork! 

As always be sure to share your tricks of the trade, find me or Kimes Ranch on social media. 

- Paige Morgan
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