Jessica Bein

From: Scottsdale Arizona
Specialty: Reining/Performance

Like many of our team members Jessica’s love of horses is in her blood.  Her mother was a horse trainer and her early start in the horse business allowed her to follow in those footsteps.  She has now achieved her own dream of running a successful training program.

What has been your most memorable win or experience in the show pen?

“I don’t feel like that should be so hard, …I was recently inducted, I do Arabs too, I was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. That’s probably the most memorable thing that’s ever happened. It’s the AHA Hall of Fame as a professional horseman.”

You mainly do reining?

“We do reining, cow horse, trail. I just think as I got older, its just what I was drawn to. You know, I was drawn to the working western disciplines, maybe a little bit of the lifestyle.” 

What do you wish you'd known before you entered this field as a trainer?

“That horses are the easy part.” (of the business)

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

“The biggest challenge is, balance. To excel professionally requires 110% and we as horse trainers get so busy becoming successful balancing out our personal lives and our families, that’s probably the hardest thing.”

What is your favorite thing about being a trainer?

“My favorite thing is our whole family is involved in the sport. And I’m very fortunate that my kid loves it and my husband tolerates it. So we get to travel together and do it together and set up together and tear down together. Even though it’s a lot of work if we weren’t all so focused and dedicated to the common goal of being successful there’s just no way that it would work. To be successful it just takes such,  time commitment and without the dedication from my family, my husband and my kid I mean even my in laws and all it would be a lot harder to be successful if even possible.”

So your daughter likes to show with you?

“Yes, she’s been showing for a couple years and she seems to really like it. And even though that’s not mandatory for her to show by any means, the fact that she loves it is, it definitely makes out lives easier. It’s awesome to share my passion with my kid. It makes our relationship a lot easier.”