Goals, and keeping the western lifestyle alive!

Every Sunday I make a set of goals to get me one step closer too my dreams.
My dream is to make the number one spot on the 100 most powerful women list. Right now, you're probably wondering how I'm going to make that crazy dream turn into reality. Well, let me tell you.. It's not going to be easy but nothing in life EVER comes easy! With a lot of faith, and some risks/trials I will get there. But, the cool thing that sets me apart is my Love for Exotic/Equine/Marine Life and my backround/knowledge in the rodeo/bull riding industry. Read on, to learn what some of my goals are for this week!

During my LIVE tweet-chat's on Twitter I'm always looking for something new and fresh. This week, on RodeoChat I did a LIVE interview with Canadian Saddle Bronc Rider/FCA Saddle Bronc Riding Director, Joel Waddell. Joel, had contacted me about a bucking horse on Twitter by the name of "Rip N Zip" owned by the Duffey's. He knew that I was obsessed with bucking horses. So, then came my next question.. If he still rides and what assoc. If you'd like to learn more and Joel, and learn about what it's like to be a saddle bronc riding director/Saddle Bronc Rider for Foothills Cowboys Assoc (FAC). Than you might wanna check out my interview by clicking the link below: cowgirldreamerpmg.wordpress.com

Second, I'm doing a series on the race horses that will be competing at the Kentucky Derby May 2nd, 2015! This Morning I featured a race horse by the name of, Texas Red! Texas Red, was born on my Birthday March 15th but instead of the year 1991 it was 2012! Texas Red is an American Thoroughbred racehorse.

Photo Credit: Horse Racing Nation

Photo Credit: Horse Racing Nation

If you would like to learn more about my horse racing series or if you have a horse racing at the Kentucky Derby this year, and would like me to feature your horse. Be sure, to send me an E-mail with a picture and info on your horse to chatrodeo@yahoo.com. I have created a hashtag for this series, and the hashtag is #TheRoadToKyDerby and this series is done on RodeoChat's Instagram account. You can find RodeoChat's Instagram link here: www.Instagram.com/rodeochatt

Last but not least, I want to at least introduce 5 new people to the rodeo industry this week. I hope by branching out into the Canadian western lifestyle a bit more, and looking more into the race horses in the horse racing industry will do just that. I'm doing my part by keeping the western lifestyle alive. My question for you is.. How are YOU keeping the western lifestyle alive and well?

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