Mastering the Cowgirl Selfie

Seeing as the “selfie stick” was one of the highest selling stocking stuffers for the 2014 Holiday season, it’s time someone broke down the steps to a perfect selfie for us equine folk. Sure it may come across as narcissistic but a quality selfie is a highly coveted item in today’s social media world.

For the equine lover, a selfie can be challenge for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that we feel the need to include our horses, dogs or other moving animals. Short arms and an uncooperative selfie mate, can prove to be a challenge. Here’s what you need to know.

First and foremost cowgirl (or cowboy as the case may be) selfies are typically broken into two categories: next to the horse or riding the horse.

The first option requires a picture taken with your horse’s head next to your head. In the event that you own a particularly dome endowed individual opt to include his/her eyes and forelock in the picture. Be sure to kiss him or her on the cheek when taking the picture or for bonus points kiss toward the camera while holding your horse.

Typical clothing options for this selfie would be a ballcap with horse related product and a hoodie. Environment is typically in his/her pen or at the trailer. Bonus points if you are wearing your cowboy hat and are at a competition of some sort.

The second option is for the “advanced selfie” taker, as it’s often taken in motion and requires creative angles to get the horse and self in one shot. To pull off this selfie you need to hold your phone hand above your head and angle the phone to shoot from the saddle horn forward without beheading yourself.

Typical environment for this picture is a mountain trail, desert pass or a freshly groomed arena floor. 

When including a friend try using the “selfie stick”. It will allow you an extra foot or more of distance to get both riders, both horses and of course the awesome scenery in the shot. 

For the finishing touch when posting either selfie option to your ever growing social media accounts be sure to include several hashtags such as #selfie, #lovehim, #horses>boys or the ever popular #selfiesunday. Bonus points for a cheesy quote. 

Time to get Selfie Serious, if you enjoyed this post please share it in a link along with your own cowgirl selfie. Try #cowgirlselfie!

- Paige Morgan
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