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It's midnight, and I just now decided it would be a great time to write this RodeoChat blog post for you all. The 3 main topics for this weeks RodeoChat blog post are Texas Country, Western Fashion, and RFD-TV The American. Here it goes..

First topic, I want to talk about in this blog post is Texas Country.

If you have no clue what I mean by Texas Country.. I recommend you to head on over too Google, and type in " Texas Country " in the search bar. Texas Country is by far the BEST country music out there right now today. In my eyes, and this is just my opinion.. Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson are some of the biggest Texas Country artists known today.

Speaking of Cody Johnson. I had the opportunity to see Cody Johnson LIVE in Concert last Thursday in a town called Clarksville, TN. Cody, put on an amazing set and sang some of his most popular songs such as Me And My Kind and Give A Cowboy A Kiss. In between songs Cody told us stories and mentioned the songwriters that he has written with in his music career. Two songwriters that stood out the most were Trent Wilmon and Jeffrey Steele. Cody Johnson and Trent Wilmon wrote songs such as "Never Go Home Again", and "Bottle It Up". Cody Johnson and Jeffrey Steele. wrote the song "Holes" together. During Cody's set I decided to snap a few pictures and share them with you all.

Sunday night comes around. I find out I get to see Aaron Watson LIVE in Concert in Nashville. Totally surprised and shocked! Aaron Watson, sang his most famous song "July In Cheyenne" and a bunch of others songs from his NEW album, "The Underdog". I was one of the few that had the chance to get his album in hand before it hit stores on Feb. 17th! Below, I have posted a picture of what his new album looks like. If you are someone that is into broadening your horizons in the music industry. I recommend, that you check out Aaron Watson. Yes, he wears a Cowboy hat and lives the Cowboy lifestyle. But, don't let that get in the way.. Just listen to his message, and you will understand why this "Under Dog" deserves to be with the rest of the guy's in the country music industry!

Second Topic, Fashion.
Now, I'm not going to go into much detail on this topic. But! I have to let you all know that I interviewed a sweet gal Monday night. This sweet gals name is, Courtney Craig. Courtney is the owner of a Sassy boutique called "Sassy Sparkles N Spurs"!
Courtney, makes her own unique collections and finishes up the pieces with a little sass. To find out the inspiration behind her jewelry and how she started this business. Read the FULL recap on my blog below:

unnamed (2).jpg

Third Topic, RFD-TV The American.
To be honest, I'm pretty excited to talk about the RFD-TV The American. Why? Because I have some exciting news! Tomorrow night at 8 PM CST I will be interviewing RFD-TV'S Fan Exemption, Amberley Snyder!! Most of you may know Amberley Snyder as the rodeo cowgirl in a wheel chair. Well, don't let that wheel chair get in the way! Because Amberley is currently student teaching AND still chasing that rodeo trail! Amberley, is so inspiring in her own unique way that she WON the fan voted RFD-TV segment and will be competing in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T stadium for $2 million in the richest one-day event in western sports history. Here's the FULL RodeoChat Interview: cowgirldreamerpmg.wordpress.com

Now, you're probably wondering how all 3 of these topics relate to rodeo. All 3 of these topics ARE related to Rodeo and Bull Riding. Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson play at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas every year. Cody and Aaron play at rodeos and bull ridings year round! Fashion, is very involved in the rodeo and bull riding industry. Let's face it, Rodeo cowboys and Cowgirls may not talk about it.. But, they do like to look good at rodeos and bull ridings wether it be the right gear for their bull ride or attending a sponsorship meeting. Fashion, is very much so involved in the rodeo and bull riding industry. RFD-TV The American, let's face it.. Every Cowboy and Cowgirls wants a shot at that $2 Million. In order to get too compete with the Rodeo StarsMarch 1st you have to compete in a series of qualifiers to qualify. These qualifiers are just like your regular rodeo and bull riding event. Except, the saddle bronc and bareback riding events are done through Professional Roughstock Series. The timed events are done through their own assoc and the Bull Riding is done through the PBR.

Now that you are done reading this blog post.. I hope that you learned a little bit about Texas Country, Fashion, and RFD-TV The American. That is a wrap for this weeks blog, and I can't wait to see you all in the same place at the same time next week! Have a great rest of the week y'all!

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