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Why you should give back some feed back

How many times have you bought the new latest and greatest product only to find it’s a flop? Have you scoured the internet looking for answers about a product, clothing item or heaven knows what else, only to come up empty handed? 

As we become more dependent on the internet to make our purchases because heaven help us if we leave the comfort of our home and pajamas to interact with other people, the need for honest reviews comes into play.

Clearly, I’m a fashion blogger and I spend countless hours in front of a computer screen, typing away, hoping that more than my beloved and supportive Aunt Jane (love you!) reads my articles.  As any blogger will tell you feedback is few and far between and many companies experience the same problem. How can you know what’s working or what quite frankly isn’t working if no one will tell you?

Did you know that businesses on Facebook can choose whether or not to show their ratings and reviews? If they choose to show their ratings and reviews they are there forever (FOR-EVVV-ERRRRRR, fellow Sandlot lovers) and cannot be edited by the business in anyway. That’s a powerful tool for the consumer because you can truly get a feel for what people think about products, the business and their employees. This feature also brings to light some companies that may not be completely transparent with their consumers (what are you hiding besides your reviews?!?).

How about this little nugget of knowledge, did you know that many companies “pay” you for your opinion. Ever written, (yes sent an actual letter) to Victoria’s Secret telling them what you think about their products? They are one of many companies that will send you a discount coupon for just telling them how you really feel. There are some companies that will even send you a free product.

If you love a product you should share it, so other consumers can know what’s so great about it or on the flip side why it’s a waste of their time or money. Think of how many times you took a great looking top out of your online cart because the reviews said it was “cheaply made” or that it “fell apart after one washing”. Those are the things we want to know. 


Want to get started? Kimes Ranch always has their ears open to hear what you have to say; the good, the bad and the ugly. Right now on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter you can tell them what color of stitching they should have on their next run of limited edition Betty Jeans. Their new jean (releasing in March) the Francesca was designed entirely through social media and product testing!

As always you can tell me how you really feel about my fashion blogs, tell me what you want to see or just share what you already have. I thrive on feedback.

- Paige Morgan
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