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Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and the Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo both wrapped up their events this past weekend! I didn't get to make it too the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo. But, I did sign up for their E-Mails updates and I did get the chance to see quite a few of the competitors videos that rode at both of these events. Not to mention, it was SUPER exciting to see Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith back roping together in Fort Worth. The icing on the cake was when Patrick and Trevor roped for a time of 16.5 Seconds and sealed the deal! Sealed the deal as in taking home the buckle and walking away as the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo World Champion Team Ropers! Isn’t that a pretty fancy title? Ha! Below is the complete list of the Fort Worth Stock Show And Rodeo Champions:

Bareback Riding – Tyler Nelson, 324 Points

Steer Wrestling – Baylor Roche, 12.6 Seconds

Team Roping – Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 16.5 Seconds

Saddle Bronc Riding – Joe Lufkin, 239 Points

Tie-Down Roping – Sterling Smith, 28.00 Seconds

Barrel Racing – Sara Rose McDonald, 49.11 Seconds

Bull Riding – Clayton Savage, 167 Points

A huge congratulations to all of the winners that walked away with blingy buckles! You guy’s worked your tails off and deserved the blingy buckles.

Next, is the Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo. I didn’t see a lot of videos from riders that competed at this event. But, from what I heard it was a great turnout this year and the stock was RANK! Here are the cowboys and cowgirls that walked away with the blingy buckles:

All-Around Cowboy: Ryan Jarrett, tie-down roping and steer wrestling.

Bareback Riding – (TIE) Zachariah Phillips on Sutton Rodeos’ Pulp Fiction and George Gillespie

IV on Sutton Rodeos’ Lolly Pop, 82 Points each.

Steer Wrestling – Ryan Jarrett, 4.2 Seconds.

Team Roping – Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll, 4.2 Seconds

Saddle Bronc Riding – Cody DeMoss, 84 Points on Sutton Rodeos’ Snake Stomper

Tie-Down Roping – Boe Brown, 8.5 Seconds

Barrel Racing - Carmel Wright, 12.65 seconds

Bull Riding – Jacob O’ Mara, 86 Points on Sutton Rodeos’ Tea Time

The Grammy’s were this past weekend, and every year I watch the awards show to see the interviews and to see who is HOT! That’s just the musical gene in me. But, to be honest.. I think that the Grammy’s needs to add some rodeo cowboys to the show too spice it up. Maybe even add a Texas Country category and have a Rodeo Cowboy announce the category! What do you guy’s think? I think it would be pretty western J
Live Tweet-Chat On RodeoChat

I had posted a little survey on RodeoChat before the New Year. A lot of the responses were to have more Canadian Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls on RodeoChat. So, your guy’s wish is my command! This week, I interviewed Canadian Rodeo Announcer Dustin Edwards. Dustin has announced at rodeos such as CPRA, Bull Riders Canada, WRA Finals, PBR Canada Finals, and the CFR broadcast! I had SO much to ask Dustin about the rodeo announcing career such as, does he get to choose too announce horseback or behind a desk and how can he get the younger generation more involved in the rodeo announcing industry! If you’d like to see the full be sure to click the link below: 

That’s a wrap for this weeks RodeoChat blog. I hope to see you all in the same place at the same time.

Happy Trails

Paige Gregory
Owner and Founder of RodeoChat

Cookeville, TN

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