All About that Bass, All about that Base….ball tee

*Disclosure* I may or may not have been jamming out to “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor while writing this article and that may or may not have inspired the title.

A Little-leaguer no longer, the baseball tee has transitioned to a wardrobe staple. A comfortable and easy-to-wear piece, baseball tees can be worn year round, not just during the upcoming baseball season.

Easily distinguished by the angle of the sleeve tie-ins and the traditional ¾ length of the sleeve, the baseball tee is great for transitional weather. Too cold for a short sleeve, too hot for a long sleeve; BAM! Baseball tee! Versatility is another great feature, this time honored piece can be worn with shorts, jeans, skirts, sweats, really whatever bottoms you feel like rocking that day. 

Typically made of cotton or other easy-to-care for, easy-to-wear fabrics, the baseball tee literally gets more comfortable with each wear and wash. The earlier mentioned angle tie-in of the sleeves allows for stress-free arm movements making it a must for the next barrel race, roping jackpot or horse show warm-up. 

The ¾ length sleeves and cut of the baseball tee compliments many body types and is truly a gender neutral piece. Ladies, you can wear it baggy and loose (like maybe you stole it from your significant other’s closet, along with a hoodie or two) or in a waist hugging style to compliment a great booty cut jean *cough, cough* Jolene Jean *cough, cough*. The cut and length of sleeves also flatters well-muscled arms often found on your favorite cowboy. 

To sum it up here’s a list of the reasons you should add a baseball tee to your collection:

  • comfortable
  • versatile
  • easy to care for
  • gender neutral
  • great for transitional weather

Share your links to your favorite baseball tees or a picture of you working the baseball tee in a great pair of Kimes Ranch jeans.

On a side note, who else thinks Kimes Ranch should add the baseball tee to their line? 

- Paige Morgan
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