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I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I hope that this NEW week is bringing each and everyone of you NEW opportunities. This past weekend was filled with LOTS of rodeos and bull ridings for me. But, one thing I did different this weekend was go to the movies.. I hardly ever go to the movie theaters anymore, but one movie that just stood out was "American Sniper". For those of you that don't know about the movie "American Sniper" I recommend you do some research on a hero by the name of, Chris Kyle. Chris, was a United States Navy Seal that put his life on the line to fight for this amazing country that we live in today. I don't say this enough, but God Bless those fighting over seas right now to keep us safe. Those men and women fighting for our country deserve SO much for all that they do.

Now let's talks some rodeo AND Bull Riding! As you know.. This past weekend was a HUGE rodeo weekend for rodeo cowboys and cowgirls across the world. The BIG event that went on this past weekend was the PBR BFTS. The PBR was in New York City at the Famous Madison Square Garden! Here's how the PBR BFTS played out:

Round 1 - J.B. Mauney On Electric Prune for 88 Points

Round 2 - Valdiron De Oliveira on Little Red Jacket for 88.50 Points

15/15 Bucking Bull Battle - Eduardo Aparecido on Kiss Animalize for 90 Points

Round 3 - Kaique Pacheco on Rough'em Up Tuck for 87.75 Points

Championship Round  - Guilherme Marchi on KISS Animalize for 86.75 Points

International Finals Rodeo Champions

Bareback Riding - Shawn Minor
Steer Wrestling - Cody Mousseau
Team Roping - Heeler, Caleb Anderson Header, Cody Mousseau
Saddle Bronc Riding - Sean Prater
Tie-Down Roping - Justin Thigpen
Breakaway Roping - Amanda Stewart
Barrel Racing - Natalie Overholt
Bull Riding - Garrett Tribble
All-Around Cowboy - Shawn Minor

Lakeland, Fla PRCA Rodeo

All-Around Cowboy - Reno Gonzales
Bareback Riding - Jake Brown & Branden Dillman, 79 Points Each
Steer Wrestling - Eric Manos, 5.4 seconds
Team Roping - Jeremy Hester/Mark Strickland, 9.3 Seconds
Saddle Bronc Riding - Curtis Garton, 80 Points
Tie-Down Roping - Paul Fussell, 10.0 Seconds
Barrel Racing - Kassidy Lantis, 13.04 Seconds
Bull Riding - Clayton Foltyn, 85 Points

Lafayette, La PRCA Rodeo

All-Around Cowboy - Ike Fontenot
Bareback Riding - Kody Lamb, 84 Points
Steer Wrestling - Kyle Irwin, 8.0 Seconds on two head
Team Roping - Clint Summers/Brad Culpepper and Joshua Torres/Jonathan Torres 5.4 Seconds
Saddle Bronc Riding - Ty Kirkland, 85 Points
Tie-Down Roping - Justin Stuckey, 19.2 Seconds on Two Head
Barrel Racing - Kassidy Kruse, 15.30 Seconds
Bull Riding - Tyler Taylor, 88 Points

Harrisburg, Pa PRCA Rodeo

All-Around Cowboy - Zach Kilgus
Bareback Riding - Tim Kent, 227 Points on three head
Steer Wrestling - Gregory Bennett, 18.0 Seconds on three head
Team Roping - Zach Kilgus/Justin Yost, 20.3 seconds on three head
Saddle Bronc Riding - Jace Angus, 142 points on two head
Tie-Down Roping - Zach Kilgus, 35.4 Seconds on three head
Barrel Racing - Sarah Attea, 43.01 Seconds on three head
Bull Riding - Daniel McAllister, 80 Points on one head

Great Falls, Mont PRCA Rodeo

All-Around Cowboy - Hank Hollenbeck
Bareback Riding - Chase Erickson, 248 points on three head
Steer Wrestling - Levi Guenzler, 15.8 seconds on three head
Team Roping - Jason Carlson/Sam Levine, 25.9 Seconds on three head
Saddle Bronc Riding - Zeke Thurston, 164 Points on two head
Tie-Down Roping - Hank Hollenbeck, 28.8 Seconds on three head
Barrel Racing - Carmel Wright, 39.08 Seconds on three head
Bull Riding - Parker Breding, 167 Points on two head

Championship Bull Riding Jackson, TN

Round 1 - Chandler Bownds on Western Hauler's Bad Tattoo for 92 points

Round 2 - Elliott Jacoby, 93 points on Gold Buckle.

Congratulations to ALL of the winners this past weekend that picked up buckles and checks! Hope you all have safe travels to the next rodeo OR bull riding!

Here's a little something I found the other day that inspired me. I hope that it inspires you rodeo cowboys and cowgirls that are going down the trail..

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