Amanda Kimes

Q)  If you could meet anyone famous, who would it be?

A)  Just one!  Oh my, well, I would probably have to say Elvis.  Elvis in the early days for me is the sexiest man.  That voice, his whole demeanor, the way he shakes it, he is the entire package.  He broke some major boundaries for the music industry, and for fashion, and I am interested to see his point of view on those things.  Of course we cannot ask him.  But, I often wonder, did he know he was creating a new type of Rock N’ Roll?  Or, was he just so passionate about what he was doing, that he didn't care?  He is fascinating.  And, great eye candy!

Q)  If you could walk into a room, every time, and have one song be playing as your theme song, what song would that be?

A)   This is a no brainer!  Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson!  I don’t know of another song, that when played, the whole group starts dancing.  It is the ultimate song for being super cool.  

Q)   If you could have been an expert at one thing, what would it be?

A)   Well, I am an expert at a lot of things!  I’m kidding.  Probably airplanes!  I know that is strange.  But, I feel if I understood planes better, and how they stayed in the air, I could get over this irrational fear of flying that I have!

Q)  Who is your style icon?

A)  Marilyn Monroe!  She really knew how to work that great body of hers.  She had curves, and she damn sure wasn’t afraid to use them.  She was so sultry, so seductive, and it all seemed so effortless.  I love to search for old photos of her online, it’s amazing what you can find!

Q)  Tell us something about Matt that he won’t tell us in his profile.

A)   Matt is incredibly tenacious.  He see’s a vision in his head, and does whatever it takes to make the vision a reality.  He is also a dreamer, he is always dreaming of the future and what it has in store.  Matt never looks back. He is determined and passionate.