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Before I begin, I just want to remind everyone that personal style is whatever you make it. If you like it, wear it. If you feel beautiful in it, wear it. If that tee, jeans, or cool accessory brings out your inner confidence, WEAR IT! This blog series is simply my personal take on how to style specific pieces. With that said, let’s get started!

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As Seen on Yellowstone

The Dutton’s have taken the world by storm. Based in modern day Montana, Yellowstone portrays the modern struggles ranchers face to survive in our ever-changing modern world. Whether you relate to the green ranch hands like Jimmy, the misunderstood son Kayce Dutton or the wiley ways of Beth Dutton, the cast and crew of Yellowstone truly touch everyone who watches them.

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Country Cake

This is without a doubt, my new favorite breakfast recipe! Country cake is basically a lighter cornbread with two deliciously sugary streusel layers. Think cornbread coffee cake! Serve this for breakfast with coffee, or even as dessert with a cinnamon-honey butter. I have included a few tips below that will help you get the perfect texture in your cake!

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Gold Medal Dreams - An Interview With Jordi Evans

Jordi Edens rocked the breakaway world when she roped her calf in 2.58 seconds during the gold medal round of Days of 47 in Salt Lake City. Jordi is a 16 year old Texan who competes in not only breakaway but barrel racing and team roping as well. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask her a few questions about her amazing experience and what is was like to make history receiving the first ever gold medal in the breakaway roping.

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Emily Bomgardner
Western Fashion Takes The World

It’s easy to associate western fashion with the equine and cattle industries. From horse shows and rodeos to cattle drives and brandings, western fashion is a staple. We expect to see tooled leather, pearl snaps, turquoise jewelry, and cowboy hats. If these things didn’t appear it would be cause for concern. However, these fashion statements have grown much further than western life—they’ve become mainstream.

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