Allison Hinson


When I was three years old I spent my days with my loving grandparents as my mom, an entrepreneur, and my dad, an electrician, worked away their time to provide for me. Growing up in the small town of Monroe, North Carolina there were not a lot of activities to take park in. I enjoyed riding with my grandfather to take care of his Black Angus cattle every day. Occasionally, we would have to take his truck to, his mechanic. The mechanic's daughter had a few horses on their property. Instead of us leaving while the work was done, I would beg for us to stay so that I could ride the horses. One of the very first memories that I can recall is riding across the pasture, bareback, with the mechanic’s daughter. I called the horse I would always ride “The White Horse.” I later found out that her name was Gracie, but to me she will always be known as “The White Horse” that started it all. When I turned five, my grandparents graciously gave me my first riding helmet and a lesson package from a local riding academy. I was hooked ever since the first day of riding across the pasture on “The White Horse” and these lessons only made my obsession grow. Graciously, grandfather purchased my first horse for me when I was nine.

Her name was Sally May; she was an elderly, tiny mare that was as good as gold. I could do anything and everything with her and she will forever be my favorite horse. When her health began to decline, and I started my search for another equine partner, I had gotten the show bug. I purchased an American Quarter Horse and started competing on the open show level. I soon realized just how much I loved competing and decided to advance which is when I started showing at the Quarter Horse Level. I did not have a trainer like many of the other kids at these shows, so I had to work diligently, with all that I had.

I never realized that that very first day of riding across the pasture on The White Horse, would be the start of a passion that would have an impact on every decision that I would make as I entered adulthood. When I was ready to choose a college, I decided to attend a university close to my house so that I could still compete with my beloved horses. I attended Wingate University for all four years and completed my Bachelor of Science in Human Services this May. While completing my Human Services coursework, I was able to complete my internship at Horse N Around Therapeutic Riding Center. Here, I was able combine my love of children and horses, while improving my education and learning how to run a non-profit organization. I am currently working for my family’s business in the Grading and Petroleum industries as a Human Resource Manager and Accounts Payable Clerk, while still living out my dream of showing horses. I purchased my new show partner in March of 2017 and we have been successfully competing on the national level ever since. “TheseIronsAreStrait” and I have had a very successful career together, earning seven Palomino World Championship Titles, one Amateur Golden Horse Award, a AQHA All-Around Award, Top Five placings at the prestigious All American Quarter Horse Congress, and several Top Ten placings at the NSBA World Show in the Hunter Under Saddle and All-Around Events.

I am also very proud to say that I am the South Carolina Quarter Horse Association Queen. I earned this title by displaying my interview skills, horsemanship skills, as well of my knowledge of the American Quarter Horse and the Equine Industry. I owe everything to this industry; my attributes are because of the life lessons that it have taught me. There will always be gloomy days and bad rides; there will always be happy days and great rides, but no matter what the ride or day is like one must know who they are on the inside and be true to that. Riding in Kimes Jeans has helped me to not only feel more confident in my appearance, but also in my riding abilities because of just how perfect their fit is and comfort they provide me with. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities have been afforded to me because of the Equine Industry a it would be the greatest honor to be able to represent riders across the United States and Kimes Ranch Jeans as their esteemed 2019 Face of Kimes Ranch.