Kelly Altschwager


Kelly Altschwager, owner of Western Workouts, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Specialist. She specializes in at home/ranch and in gym workouts with a focus on keeping riders and competitors at their peak performance level. This includes off season training as well as continued training & nutrition focus while on the road.
Western Workouts - "Where Fit Meets West"


Owner/Operator of Western Workouts
ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Specialist with a focus on optimizing rider/competitor performance

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Why do you want to represent Kimes Ranch?

I'd like to represent Kimes Ranch because I feel it exemplifies and stands behind hard working, dedicated individuals with a focus on quality and tradition while maintaining a modern touch.

Western Workouts exemplifies those same things;
Dedication and hard work are necessary in making sure you are as "legged up as your horse" and ready to perform at the level you expect from your equine whether its in the show pen or rodeo arena. Tradition is what Western Workouts was founded on. Creating workouts & meal plans for the ranchers, equine professionals and rodeo competitors that can't make it to a gym is what I pride Western Workouts on.

Oftentimes those workouts are done in jeans and boots in the back forty or the barn. I feel Kimes Ranch jeans are durable enough for and have the right fit to make those workouts possible.

Utilizing social media, my website and day to day use, I want to show just how versatile Kimes Ranch jeans are!

Thank you for your consideration.

Matthew Kimes