Cora Croteau


With three generations of professional chuckwagon racing in her family tree, Cora Croteau was born with horsemanship in her blood. She began trick riding at the tender age of 4 and quickly built a name for herself, wowing crowds all over North America with her breathtaking stunts and daredevil manoeuvres. Now 11, Cora is taking her fearless attitude & competitive spirit into the rodeo arena. Performing professionally as part of CPRA & PRCA specialty contract act Young Gunz Trick Riding around the world and barrel racing competitvely in Alberta, Canada.


Pro Rodeo CPRA & PRCA Professional Specialty Act - Trick Rider / Roman Rider
AHSRA - Barrel Racer

List of Accomplishments

  • Pro Rodeo CPRA & PRCA Contract Act
  • 2013 NFR Specialty Act - 'youth in rodeo'
  • 2015 Pro Trick Riding Champion
  • 2015 Australian Trick Riding Championships
  • 2016 Currently Representing Canada at the North American Trick Riding Championships in Las Vegas - Cowboy Christmas
  • 2016 AHSRA Barrel Racer

Why do you want to represent Kimes Ranch?

Being the youngest trick rider performing professionally I pride myself in being professional and representable everywhere I go. I would enjoy representing Kimes Ranch all over North America in style and comfort. Kimes Ranch stylish lines and comfort look trending global - I could help excel - by promoting down the rodeo trail. I take pride in what I do and would like to promote quality product to others in the rodeo industry.

Matthew Kimes