Kimes Ranch Family

We at Kimes Ranch are very proud to support these established horsemen and women. We pride ourselves on being a brand as well as a family. We choose our extended family members very similarly to how we choose the makings on our jeans. We look for quality, strength and charm, and most importantly, a great sense of humor!

Kimes Ranch Rodeo

Kimes Ranch Equestrians

The Legacy Team

Music Row

Jaida Dreyer
Rob Carona
Trick Pony
Angie Keilhauer

KRJ Teamsters

Tate Oakley
Rhonda Replogle
Courtney Johnson
Andrew Coates
Brian Hampton
Jesse Clark
Katie Davis
Brent Specht
Georgia Kay
Christian Lybbert
Laurel Denton
Austin Gooding
Scott Amos
Lucas Cash
Richard Conner
Nick Pullara
Megan Miller
McKenzie Merrill
Morgan Cromer
Jessica Bein
Sandy Collier

Student Rodeo Athletes

Gunnar Stapleton
Eryn Coy
Jordan Hunt
Jami Derflinger
Kiley Streeter
KL Spratt
Alex Odle
Kynzie Rae McNeill
Colton Farquer
Chelsey Bushnell
Wyatt Hershberger
TR Frost
Whitney Slack
Calgary Smith
Kelly Valdez
Blaine Buchanan
Faith Holyan
Grace Nelson
Trista Martinez