Shadd Parkinson

Shadd is a Montana boy at Heart.  He now lives in Arizona with his wife Mckenzie and their daughters Gracie and Hadley.  Shadd specializes in Reining, Working Cow Horse and Ranch Horse Pleasure.  He also has a very rowdy group of non pro riders!

Q) Do you have any special talents?
A) When putting clothes away, I always grab the exact correct amount of hangers.  Always!

Q) I have a weird fear of…..
A) People holding snakes.  I’m fine with snakes, but if someone is holding them, not so much.

Q) Are you ever told you look like someone famous?
A) I'm told that I look like a combination of Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal with a pinch of Steve Buscemi.

Q) What do you love most about your Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A)    The knife pocket!

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